Monday, October 23, 2006

Sorry for the delayed posting - I went on vacation and never got into the swing of things once again. Now starting anew with more fun and exciting adventures from the North Shoah of Boston...

"Cops want action after club melee"

Yes friends, it happened... again... issues at "The Lido" in Revere. As a result police and townsmen are calling for further security measures to be taken - metal detectors, more police presence and a $10 million insurance policy? (personal injury).

I guess the town selectmen are trying to play nice with both sides of the argument - police and the club owner. This could be in response/agreement with the club owners statement from 2005 after the first incident (stabbing) - "Owner Louis Delpidio told city officials in 2005 that the Lido, with its broad range of entertainment events and nearly 2,400-person capacity, is "a very profitable business in the city of Revere." I can hear the tax-registers going cha-ching with that statement.

And in case you are wondering, the 'broad range of entertainment' that the Lido offers ranges from DJs, Latin Discos, to Wrestling and Boxing events... walk across the street and you get greyhound racing and walk up the road a bit (well maybe drive) and you get horse racing at Suffolk Downs. The choices are endless folks!

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