Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I have posted before about the underage drinking in surrounding communities where there is generally more income than, say Lynn. Apparently one of the local liquor stores has been contributing to the delinquency of minors in general by selling alcohol to underage kids. And was unlucky enough to be caught selling to a 'planted' minor. Their luck got even worse when not only did they sell to a planted minor and get caught, but during the 'bust' they were in the process of selling to another, not planted minor from Marblehead. C'mon people... this is not helping things ... including Lynn's image. Step it up, the city already gets enough crap.

My favorite part of the whole article is about the complaint about underage people from Swampscott and Marblehead buying the alcohol. So does that mean they don't sell to underage people from Lynn?

Double whammy for Lynn liquor store

By Dan O’Brien/The Daily Item

LYNN-Not only did employees at Dymes Liquor store sell alcohol to an underage girl during a routine police sting on Monday, they were also caught red-handed selling liquor to an underage Marblehead girl when police went inside to confront them for selling booze to the volunteer minutes earlier, police said.

Dymes, located on a stretch of Washington Street between the Lynnway and Broad Street, was already under police scrutiny for selling alcohol to minors. When an Item reporter rode along in June with police who sent underage volunteers from the non-profit Girls Inc. to try to buy beer at local package stores, participants said they were concerned that Dyme’s was selling liquor to minors from Swampscott and Marblehead.

Police said their fears were confirmed Monday when Dymes was the only liquor store in the city caught selling alcohol to underage teens.

“The results of this operation suggested that Dymes was a location frequented by underage individuals from surrounding communities,” said Lynn police spokesperson Lt. David Brown. “The local licensing authority was made aware of this concern and will review the situation.”

Volunteers tried to buy alcohol at 35 Lynn liquor stores on Monday.

According to police, a short time after the volunteer was able to purchase alcohol, Sgt. Rick Carrow, who helped supervise the operation, went inside to confront the employee when he witnessed another underage girl, a 19-year-old from Marblehead, purchase a bottle of vodka. Her 18-year-old friend, also from Marblehead, was waiting in a parked car.

“Officers discussed both incidents with the Dymes store manager and the clerk,” Brown said. “Reports documenting their non-compliance were forwarded to the local licensing board for review.”

Dymes received at least one suspension in the past for selling alcohol to underage youths.

“Recently, Lynn Police received complaints that underage individuals from Swampscott and Marblehead were allegedly purchasing alcoholic beverages at Dymes,” Brown said.
The Marblehead female who purchased the alcohol will be summonsed to Lynn District Court for being a minor in possession of alcohol, police said.

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ASHole71 said...

Dymes has been selling to underage kids from all over for 20 some odd years. Nothing to knew there. I recall being in there in the early 90's watching kids i knew to be under 21 buying cases and bottles.