Tuesday, March 27, 2007

High-speed chase ends with rollover in Lynn
By Chris Stevens and Robin Kaminski/The Daily Item


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High speed chase that starts in Saugus ends up in a rollover at Goodwin Circle in Lynn. These fugitives know where to run... good thing Lynn has a bunch of tricky twists and turns that outsiders aren't used to handling.

“He almost ended up in a Dunkin’ Donuts,” he said. “I’m surprised no one was killed.” Annese said a few cars were sideswiped during the chase but there were no serious injuries. He said it was also a bit of luck that the incident occurred around 2 p.m.

You like the use of "Dunkin Donuts" as a landmark. I mean, while it was great no one was hurt, they almost ended up in a DD's. Tragedies 1 & 2 averted. Phew.

In other news, Fox 25 was reporting this morning (on the news reel at the bottom of the screen during the morning news) that an unidentified man had set himself on fire at a Hess in Lynn. I haven't found this story yet, but I will follow up with more details as they come in.

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