Thursday, March 15, 2007

So, as I was watching Fox News last night at 10, I was not surprised that Lynn had the leading story for the second day in a row, being that it was such a terrible thing that happened yesterday afternoon. However, what was surprising is the hat trick that Lynn got on Fox 25 news… now the 3rd story isn’t even featured on the website, but since it was mentioned and put Lynn over the top yesterday, it’s worth noting …

So first we had the awful explosion murder / suicide which seems to be the top story everywhere you look:

And then we had the happy ending to the two children who were allegedly kidnapped on Tuesday were found with their mother in Boston:
And finally … we have the icing on the cake (but cannot be found anywhere) … “Car drives into Foodmaster on Boston Street in Lynn”.

UPDATE - Lynn has made MSNBC ...

Now that is REALLY quite the news day for one north shore city.

Have no fear though, Revere managed to stay in the news too … (can’t forget our friendly neighbors to the south) … (Free account required)

Revere man nabbed after highway chase
By Jill Casey / The Daily Item
A brief highway pursuit of a speeding car on Route 1 Tuesday night ended in Chelsea with the driver jumping out of the car and fleeing on foot.Derek Cummings, 18, of Revere, was quickly nabbed by Chelsea Police officers and handed over to State Police who originally spotted the car he was in allegedly going 90 mph in the southbound lane of Route 1 in Peabody around 10:30 p.m."The trooper lost sight of him in four minutes," said State Police Sgt. Carol MacDonald about Trooper Peter Sherber of the Danvers Police Barracks.After losing the car, Sherber put out a call on his radio to other departments for a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix.Chelsea Police located the car and eventually the driver, Cummings, on Carter Street in their city. MacDonald said it appears the car was registered to Cummings' mother.Cummings was charged with driving unlicensed, speeding, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, driving in the breakdown lane, failing to stop for police, willfully obstructing emergency vehicles, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.There may have been another person in the car, but he or she was not located by police Tuesday night.The entire pursuit from spotting the car in Peabody to locating the driver in Chelsea lasted for about 20 minutes, MacDonald said.

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