Friday, August 18, 2006

Marblehead is taking a bite out of crime. The sheer essence of citizen's arrest -

Ah 114, the greatest "highway" north of Boston. It's a good thing Richardson's is off the section with a 'turning' lane. I would like to know how they could fix this, though. It is getting more and more congested with more developments going in... could this turn into a state highway improvement project? Check back in 2026 for it's status.

No seriously guys this one is too good to pass on from Haverhill -

"Mother approved of son's underage drinking parties"
It's no wonder why kids are the way they are today ... There are several parts of this article that are my favorites - classics in my book:

"According to police, his mother admitted she smokes "marijuana once in a while." In a first-floor office, police found an ashtray full of marijuana "roaches" she said belonged to her.
She also told police she had a bag of marijuana upstairs in her bedroom bureau. She tried to locate it for the officers but could not find it. She then called her daughter and asked in front of officers, "Hey honey, do you remember where I put the bag of weed I took to the Red Sox game the other night?"

But that's not even the best part...

"I could have smoked it already," Laureen McGlinchey then said, according to police reports."

Just a classic. Add this to the 'blog quote wall'. Sweetheart - tip your glass and smoke another one.

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