Thursday, August 31, 2006

We haven't lost sight of Revere - I found something! And better yet it is quite possibly my favorite type of news...It links Revere and Lynn - even better!!!

Ex-convict released after robbery

"Give me your money or I'll kill you." Seriously? Give me your money or I'll kill you? Sounds like a bad 80's action flick to me. C'mon... let's be creative.

Despite the lack of creativity and it sounding like a line from Magnum PI, I guess it worked.

"The Stop & Shop clerk handed over $991.77 in small bills and Graciale, 41, 4 Warren St.Revere, who was recently released from prison after a violent crime conviction, headed for the door as another employee called after him to stop."

...and where did he head you ask?

but to Lynn of course...

"With police from three surrounding towns searching for him, Graciale left the truck in a driveway at 9 Autumn St. in Lynn and walked to a bar.Lynn police later identified the Ford as the truck leaving the scene. After lighting a cigarette for Graciale, Lynn Police [that was nice of LPD] held him up for review as a Swampscott Police cruiser passed within 30 feet [what the?] allowing a Stop & Shop employee to positively identify him as the man who robbed the store.

"He is a real bad guy," [I love when they state the obvious] said Cassidy adding that Graciale recently left prison after completing serving a nine-year stretch for assault with intent to kill. When asked why Graciale was released after two violent charges in one month Karen Dawley, spokesperson for the Essex County District Attorney's Office, declined to answer and did not return calls.

Yeah I would say that would be a good idea...

But how's that for collaboration? We'll just call it the "Lynnway Connection"

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