Thursday, August 17, 2006

Not too much action in the EC since yesterday - but here are a few fun clippings -

Peabody unveils plan to stop city flooding: It's about time. Five decades and 8 major floods later...

Peabody Fire house deemed structurally 'unsound' after all of the intense flooding this spring: This is excellent news since they slashed the budget for the FD. Hopefully this won't make taxes go up too much.

Lawrence mayor approves illegal stadium leases in Lawrence because he didn't "consult" with the city counselors - Honestly though, who can blame the guy for trying to get some funds into the city? He gets my vote.

Lynn youth gang violence has 'quieted a little': Every little bit counts, right? Next they can quiet the hoodlums on my street who like to 'race' their loud motorcycles at 2:30 in the morning night after night.

And in some more enlightening news - the Salem News and the Eagle Tribune are reporting that the North Shore and Merrimack Valley blood supply running 3,000 pints low - so friends, get out and give blood!

As always, if you would like to see your city or town included in the daily report, leave a comment or shoot over an email!

Have a great day!

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MayorOfRevere said...

I'm glad that things have been quiet in Revere, lately.

Also, if things ever get quiet, you can always add Chelsea to the mix, as I love it very much.